Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interesting Facts about Coffee

Have you ever noticed some interesting facts about coffee? These awesome facts really give a big surprise. Ok Lets have some facts

·         Coffee Is Actually A Fruit!

·         Hawaii is the Only U.S. State That Commercially Grows Coffee

·         It used to be custom in Turkey that if a husband did not provide his wife with coffee, it was grounds for divorce

·         Despite what most people think, an espresso has 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee due to serving sizes

·         Brazil is the world's biggest producer of coffee by a wide margin, followed by Vietnam and Colombia

·         It would take around 100 cups of coffee for a lethal dose of caffeine

·         There Are Two Kinds of Beans

·         The drink "Americano" comes from when American GIs in WWII would order their espresso with water because it was too strong

·         New York drinks about 7 times as much coffee as the rest of the world

·         U.S. Prez Theodore Roosevelt Drank A TON of Coffee

·         The first webcam was invented to monitor how much coffee was left in the pot at the University of Cambridge

·         Coffee is a Major Commodity

·         The two most popular beverages on Earth, in order, are water and coffee.

·         The word "coffee" comes from the Arabic "qahhwat al-bun," meaning "wine of the bean."

·         Coffee May Replace Fossil Fuel

·         Coffee Was Originally a Food, Not a Drink

·         George Washington Invented Instant Coffee!

·         People who drink a moderate amount of coffee are less likely to develop Alzheimers or dementia in old age

·         Prolific French writer and philosopher Voltaire was said to drink 50 cups of coffee per day

·         Legend has it that coffee was discovered by Ethiopian shepherds who discovered their goats dancing around after eating the beans

The coffee berries, sometimes called coffee cherries, are an eatable fruit that have coffee beans inside. They are only called 'beans' because of their resemblance to beans. These beans are grind inside your Best Espresso Machines


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